PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) is an excellent choice for manufacturing strong yet light weight, durable and cost effective containers for your product.  PVC is the second most produced thermoplastic in the world largely because it is the most versatile of thermoplastics, giving packaging companies great flexibility in design and processing.

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Priority Plastics offers PVC containers with exceptional clarity that are food safe, FDA-compliant, and extremely resistant to heat, chemicals and light. From hardware to food products, PVC makes an ideal package.

Give Your Customers’ the Clear Sneak Peak

Clear PVC containers allow consumers a sneak peek at your product prior to purchase. The ability to see the product on the store shelf helps drive sales, maintaining PVC as a viable and still popular choice for packaging designers and manufacturers.

Cost-Effective PVC Packaging

We understand the importance of finding a high-quality box or container solution that meets your product packaging specifications yet also respects the bottom line. PVC packaging delivers that balance between cost and performance.

Priority Plastics offers more than 300 sizes, styles and shapes in capacities from six-ounce to 3.5 gallon. Matching lids, made from durable, food-grade plastic such as polypropylene or low density polyethylene, are available in snap, threaded and tamper evident options.

And if none of our stock containers meet your specific needs, our team will work with you to create the ideal one for your business.

PVC is not only cost-effective, it is an energy efficient alternative to competing polymers.

It not only requires less heat to process, PVC production uses common salt instead of hydrocarbons. That adds up to significantly lower greenhouse gases.

Label Application: Leave THAT to Us.

Our customers can save time and costs by having our Priority Plastics professionals, the people who know container best, apply their container labels for them. We understand the importance of being accurate, being flexible, and being reliable and consistent in meeting the most specific labeling needs.  We’ll take care of making your labels and packaging look good – and, making you look great.  Our Labeling Capabilities.

Labeling services are available on select PET and PVC stock items.  We can handle up to 15,000 labels daily.  Please contact your Priority Plastics Representative for more details.

Priority Plastics clear PVC containers and canisters are always:

  • Reusable
  • Recyclable
  • Environmentally aware
  • FDA approved
  • High clarity
  • High impact resistant

If you would like to learn more about the value of PVC and its uses in clear boxes and containers, contact the Priority Plastics team. We look forward to helping you find the right package to grow your business!

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