HPDE, or high-density polyethylene, is not only the most versatile of polymers, it is also the most widely recycled plastic material worldwide. Its extreme malleability allows it to be molded into nearly any shape, making it a popular material for packaging. Noted for their strength and lightweight characteristics, HDPE containers are perfect for items that need to be easily carried or transported. Other characteristics such as chemical resistance, durability at low temperatures and impact resistance truly make HDPE containers ideal for a wide-range of applications.

Tight Head Containers


Priority Plastics HDPE Containers

Our HDPE canisters are manufactured using blow mold technology, while our injection mold process makes closures for our vast canister lines. Our resins are FDA-acceptable, BPA-free, and perfect for most food, nutraceuticals such as powders, cannabis, and vitamins, as well as chemicals and household products. Our containers are in full compliance with California Proposition 65 and CONEG code requirements. We offer straight wall or Boston/radius shoulder style canisters in the following neck sizes:

HDPE is recyclable in nearly all programs in the U.S. and the recaptured material is used to make many products such as storage containers, lumber, patio furniture, playground equipment, automobile parts and many more applications. At Priority Plastics, we recycle all internally generated scrap and unused resin in our facilities to reduce waste, and we are always looking for ways to expand sustainability efforts and reduce our environmental impact.

With HDPE plastic containers and canisters,

You can trust that your food, household chemicals, or powdered product is safely stored, efficiently transported, and effortlessly used by your end customer.

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With Priority Plastics as your partner, you can rest assured you’ll receive high-quality HDPE containers from a company you can trust. We are experts in the plastic packaging industry with more than 500 stock tools to deliver you plenty of options as well as reduce lead times. With 184,000 square feet dedicated to HDPE container manufacturing, our facilities are strategically located to ensure products get to you when and where you need them, on time.

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