HDPE Containers

The quality and durability of Priority Plastic HDPE canisters and containers set the standard for value for our customers. Our Priority Pour Tight Head and F-Style Containers are some of our most popular and versatile designs. With sustainability in mind, look for Priority Pour ECO Multi-Layer products that use up to 80% recycled core materials.

PET Containers

Priority Plastics brings to our customers the absolute best products in our industry. Manufactured and delivered promptly, our PET containers offer the type of performance and reliability our competitors can only strive to match.

PVC Containers

PVC containers from Priority Plastics come in a wide range of sizes, applications and quantities. If you need smaller batches - 2,500 units or less, a select number of these containers are available for on-line purchase. Visit THE PRIORITY STORE for more!

About Priority Plastics

Priority Plastics, Inc. provides plastic packaging solutions with four extrusion blow-molding manufacturing facilities throughout the United States. It is our promise to deliver our absolute best through quality, timeliness, relationships and sustainability.

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High-Quality Plastic Packaging Solutions for Your Products.

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