Round PET 110 mm Threaded Neck – 88 oz

  • Item # I2001-002-000
  • 88 oz.
Sustainability Options:

Post Consumer Resin

Container: 99/tray, 792/pallet, 23,760/truck

Lid:  333/case standard; 245/case tamper evident

  • Threaded
  • Food grade
  • White
  • Polypropylene plastic
  • Unlined
  • Available in tamper evident



Lid Chart

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Item #



Manufacturing Location

Lid Color


Lid and/or Liner Type

110 mm, 110 mm / TE, Threaded Lid White

Neck Finish

Size (oz)

Neck Size

110 mm

Injection Stretch Blow Molding

ISBM - 89 & 110mm Canisters


ISBM-001 PPI More Innovation


I2001-002-000 110mm Pano Neck 80.7grams 88oz PETE


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