Content: Priority Plastics Value Proposition
Title: Priority Plastics: You are our biggest priority
Duration: 5:51

Content: Ampacet PET COLORS
Title: Priority Plastics & Ampacet: PET Colors
Duration: 1:20

Content: TH vs OH Dynamic Pressure Tests
Title: Priority Plastics – Dynamic Pressure Testing
Duration: :37

Content: Multiple Tests – Tight Heads vs. Open Heads
Title: Head to Head Product Testing
Duration: 2:08

Content: Drop testing of Open Head Pails vs. Tight head containers
Title: Priority Plastics Drop Tests
Duration: :34

Content: Demonstrates how much easier Tight Heads are to unpack and use – vs. Open Head Pails
Title: Unpack and Unload
Duration: :44

Content: Quick summary of all testing procedures used on Priority Plastics tight heads
Title: Our In-House testing at Priority Plastics
Duration: :44

Content: Jim, Jeremy and Donna explain why testing increases performance
Title: PriorityPour Tight Heads: Tested to Perform
Duration: 3:53

Content: Full Length Video with interviews of tight head performance vs open head
Title: Make the Switch!
Duration: 7:15

Content: Time lapse explainer video – animated. Tight Heads costs vs Open Heads
Title: Tight Head Cost Comparison
Duration: 4:18

Content: Why PriorityPour Tight Heads are the better, safer and more secure alternatives to Open Head Pails
Title: We Know Tight Heads
Duration: 1:15

Content: Time Lapse of stacking Tight heads vs Open Heads
Title: Stacking and Palletization: Tight Heads vs. Open Heads
Duration: :53

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