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Priority Plastics is here to support your success. We offer innovative and customized packaging solutions for your business.  Your products will get the professional appearance they deserve. We have made a substantial investment in our customers with strategically located facilities, specially trained packaging professionals and new state-of-the-art machinery to optimize your satisfaction.

Depend on us to deliver the packaging services your business needs.

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Our ability to offer dependable product delivery, steady customer service and an infrastructure of committed people is how we measure our success. From raw materials to finished product, we check for quality and excellence every step of the way. Even the smallest deviations are noted and corrected


It’s mission-critical for our customers to have the right products on a timely delivery schedule. When it comes to issues of timeliness and deliver-ability, we stay nimble and efficient in meeting the most challenging timelines. Our multiple strategically located plants insure uninterrupted service AND a continuity of supply.


We take great pride in the relationships we build with our customers every day. Our history is long and our experience is both deep and wide; our companies come from a combined 130 years of industry experience; a heritage of performance that we gladly share with our customers to improve their productivity and efficiency.


This is an issue we have cared about for a long time and continue to address. We believe that if you are not an active part of the solution – you are contributing to the problem. We stay active and committed to reducing and reusing while exploring new and viable production and manufacturing options – with sustainability solutions in mind.

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