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Everyone loves candy. It’s sweet and fun, and it brings out the kid in all of us. Candy is especially important in bringing out smiles during these rocky times—and that’s why getting your product noticed is so important.With the marketplace so competitive, the best way to stand out is by choosing packaging that helps you stand out. Here at Priority Plastics, we take great pride offering you a wide selection of shapes and sizes to meet your specific needs.

Our reliable packaging and clear containers give the added value of product visibility and exceptional shelf appeal. Authentic and honest. Beyond transparency, our solutions provide great value. With confidence in your packaging products, you can focus more on making the best candy possible and bringing smiles. We will take care of providing the best package for your treats.

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The snack industry runs deep with popcorn, pretzels, meat snacks—all delicious and all different. And they have one thing in common. They bring comfort—exactly what everyone needs.Protected and engaging packages can make or break a brand in a rather fiercely competitive retail market. That’s where we come in. Our sustainable options make it possible to well-represent your brand name, your products and your reputation. Durable and sturdy, they’re ideal for safe distribution – and, transportation and, ultimately, shelf life. They start fresh. They store fresh.

Authenticity is everything in the snacking business. And, transparency builds trust, builds loyalty and builds relationships between you and your customers for years to come. It all starts here.

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We provide dependable containers that will maintain their professional appeal when they hit the shelf. Our clear containers offer the added value of product visibility with exceptional shelf appeal. At Priority Plastics, we believe that transparent business practices encourage loyalty and confidence in our products.

We take pride in the designs of our packaging solutions and carry a wide selection of containers that come in a variety of sizes. Our containers will help you stand out among the competition and protect the integrity of your product. No one wants to worry about a candy box that has been contaminated or paper shopping bags that have been accidentally ripped open. You want stronger solutions than twist ties and cheap material that won’t protect your candy.

Our Solutions Are Cost-Effective

There are entire industries based around bulk candy supply and demand; whether they are filling candy gift boxes or stocking their own retail sales shelves, wholesale candy packaging is an effective way to save a lot of money on your resources. Wholesale pricing delivers more value on the packaging you already need and leaves more funds for you to dedicate elsewhere.

At Priority Plastics, we encourage a people-centric culture, because we care about your goals as much as we do about our own. One of our core missions is to offer solutions that empower our clients to remain focused on their own business and services you make the best candy possible, so let us worry about how to package your tasty treats.

Made to protect the foods we love. Depend on our containers from departure to arrival. All are FDA-acceptable and food-safe, GFSI-certified, sustainable and cost-effective.

Top 6 reasons why our customers choose us:

1. We are invested in people, technology and resources
These are the key ingredients in ensuring that we are a solid link in the supply chain. We invest in the brightest people and the right technology and have access to the raw materials in even the toughest of times. Even now.

2. There is no sacrificing quality
The materials and quality-management systems we have in place are equal to or better than what you get today. You don’t have to put a priority on time or cost over quality.

3. We match to your specifications and preferences
We’ll always work with you to meet expectations and make the process easier.

4. We meet or exceed your primary supply
As we work to have more and greater opportunities to fulfill your orders we can build your confidence in us that we are ready for whenever you need us. We’re constantly building our relationships and seeking better insight into your needs.

5. We’re here when you need us
In unprecedented times like today’s, it’s more important than ever for your resources to step up and even lead when your primary resource is unable to meet timelines, quality or even cost.

6. And we are always focused on your success
We’ll work to understand what factors are most crucial to your business success and supply-chain stability. And we’ll keep your long-term interests in mind.

Advanced Technology for all your needs

Injection Stretch Blow Molding
High Speed Cyclone Technology
Wheel Machine Technology

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The Candy Industry Is A Competitive Place

Priority Plastics is here to deliver packaging solutions that will help you garner that customer attention and durable packaging that will withstand the rigors of shipping. Our mission is to encourage your success, and we are confident that our products will help you get your candy in the hands of customers. Everyone has their favorite candy, and once you establish that loyalty, you can count on regular, return business. Our solutions will help deliver that type of stability to your brand name.

We will give you a way to stand out and get your customers’ attention.

And do it with sustainable packaging that spotlights and protects your products

PET for Snacks: Packaging Peace-of-mind

At Priority Plastics, we have made it our mission to build partnerships with clients that encourage success and help food clients achieve their goals. We help feature your products and show off sweet and salty snack brands.

We know that the snack industry covers a wide variety of food products that we all consume. At Priority Plastics, we are experienced in leveraging our tools and capabilities to deliver packaging solutions that protect the integrity of your snack products. We help present them to consumers with the best of first impressions.  Stand out at retail by using rigid clear PET containers; distinct packaging adds value and helps customers select your brand over the competition.


Priority Plastics PET Snack Packaging
PET Snack Containers

Packaging for success: Now available from ISBM technology

Packaging is a foundational part of how your brand makes it to market and how your customers store it. Your business also needs support services that can respond to your business’ growth and demands with effective solutions that are cutting-edge.  As food manufacturers, you do not want inferior plastic packaging representing your brand name.

  • Popcorn
  • Peanuts
  • Candies
  • Beef (or other!) Jerkies
  • Trail mixes and variety snacks

Priority Plastics has structured our practices around the best ways to enhance our customer service for businesses like yours. We have coast-to-coast locations that enable us to offer lower freight costs, faster response times, dual sourcing, and in-plant customer service. We continually invest in new equipment and automation to advance our methods and stay on the leading edge of our industry

PET Snack Rounds Now Available in ISBM


Priority Plastics recently added state-of-the-art INJECTION STRETCH BLOW MOLDING machinery to our growing arsenal of advanced technology capabilities. The machinery allows us to:

  • Fabricate to a wider variety of custom tooling and specifications
  • Offer drastically larger and smaller shapes and sizes
  • Create competitive cost-savings
  • Compress manufacturing and delivery timelines

Packaging authenticity creates superior brand interactions.

Your packaging speaks volumes about the quality and character of your brand. Creating positive brand interactions between your consumer packaging and your current and potential customers is a weighty responsibility.  At Priority Plastics we know your brand’s integrity is always on display.  We help to create and maintain only positive impressions and memorable interactions for your packaged snacks.

Snack Packaging Makes A Big Impact.

Impulse buys and brand loyalty both contribute to the profits of a successful business. Consumer demand can vary widely just based on snack packaging materials. It is a cost-effective investment to take measures to ensure that your products are well-protected and have an engaging packaging design. Broken or damaged packaging will cost you in lost profits and the loss of trust in your brand quality. Priority Plastics designs snack food packaging to meet both of those needs.

  • No ripping or tearing during transportation
  • Fewer returns due to damaged goods
  • Varying shapes and sizes based upon consumer preference
  • Secure and re-sealable after opening – so, there’s less product loss.


You will no longer have to worry about the potential negative impact of packaging leaks, breaks, or contamination. Our transparent PET containers are remarkably durable and sturdy enough to safeguard your products throughout distribution, transportation, and eventual shelf life. No more unreliable bags or boxes!

Once your product is on the shelf, customers will have a clear vision of your product as well. This engaging view will make your products stand out amongst the competition and display the confidence you have in the quality of your product.

  • PET ISBM PackagingClear product displays
  • Reliable and study stacking
  • Stand out by comparison
  • Longer product life – resealable and airtight containers.
  • Help you sell more products!

Experience has shown that across multiple industries, visibility plays a major role in sales and customer retention. We believe transparent business practices build trust and the same is true for the food and snacks industry.

Your Success Is Our Priority

With Priority Plastics, you will have a multi-faceted ally in any competitive market. Our containers showcase and protect your snack brands from the hazards of transportation and warehousing through the retail shelf lifecycle. Your products will be presented in high-clarity PET containers that let the intrinsic value of your products shine through.

We are here to support your business and products. By partnering with Priority Plastics, you will have the tools needed for building relationships with your retailers and your customers!

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