Priority Plastics Invests in More Capacity.  More Innovation. More diversity of products

Priority Plastics announces the acquisition and installation of new ISBM – Injection Stretch Blow Molding – production capabilities in their Portland, Indiana manufacturing facility.  This technology significantly increases our PET container capacity and the ability to offer unique container shapes and sizes. These new technological capabilities for Priority Plastics literally STRETCH the uses of PET materials to totally new and innovative applications and packaging uses.

From one single piece of production machinery, containers can range in size from 1-gallon to as large as a 25-gallon drum in a variety of neck shapes.



Injection Stretch Blow Molding. This acronym literally describes every aspect of the process!

  • Heated PET Resins are melted and INJECTED into a preform mold. This stage determines the neck finish of the container.
  • Materials are STRETCHED as pressurized air is BLOWN into the cavity. This forms the plastic to the mold walls.
  • And, the final formed containers are ejected from the MOLDING templates.
  • Containers are checked for quality and consistency.

ISBM Stock Tooling


More diversity of products with Injection Stretch Blow Molding.

Customized for YOUR Brand

This technology give us the ability to customize molds for a more unique and innovative package. We can help to meet and exceed branding objectives.

Our capabilities feature customized molds for more unique and innovative brand statements in your packaging presentations.

Environmentally Conscious

PET is 100% recyclable and reusable with lighter weights than traditional HDPE containers and is now made using a lower carbon footprint per bottle produced.

This patented, exclusive technology saves up to 40% in electricity. It is equipped with an air regeneration system designed to recover approximately two-thirds of the high pressure blowing air. Priority Plastics continues to invest in smarter machines to help meet our sustainability goals and those of our customers.

Let the quality of your brand shine through!


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