With 40-years of experience, Priority Plastics is the premier manufacturer of extrusion blow mold PET (polyethylene terephthalate) containers. You can find them in the candy, jerky, snacks, pretzels, popcorn and pet food industries, as well as hardware, crafts and novelties.   PET is an excellent choice to package and display your products.

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Priority Plastics PET Containers

PET is a clear, lightweight plastic resin used around the world to safely package foods, beverages, personal care and other consumer products. It is typically converted into strong, hygienic, shatterproof, high-clarity containers, canisters, and bottles that retain product freshness. A great way to showcase your products at point-of-purchase, counter displays where piece-count goods are sold, or on the shelf as retail consumer packaging.

Looking for a particular shape or size? Priority Plastics has over 150 in-house mold options to choose from, providing almost limitless possibilities in shape, size and style. Matching lids, made from durable, food-grade plastic such as polypropylene or low density polyethylene, are available in snap, threaded and tamper evident options.


Customized PET Containers for Any Product

And if none of our stock containers meet your needs, our team will work with you to create the ideal one for your business. Because of its mold ability, PET plastic can be formed to meet almost any specifications your product may require. We offer custom shapes, sizes and tooling for our products to meet your diverse product needs.

Sustainable PET Packaging

At Priority Plastics, contributing to sustainability is important. Our products are reusable and recyclable; in fact, PET packaging is the most widely recyclable material in North America. We constantly challenge ourselves to design and make containers with less plastic content, And we reuse 100% of the scrap produced during our manufacturing process.

Label Application: Leave THAT to Us.

Our customers can save time and costs by having our Priority Plastics professionals, the people who know container best, apply their container labels for them. We understand the importance of being accurate, being flexible, and being reliable and consistent in meeting the most specific labeling needs.  We’ll take care of making your labels and packaging look good – and, making you look great.  Our Labeling Capabilities.

Labeling services are available on select PET and PVC stock items.  We can handle up to 15,000 labels daily.  Please contact your Priority Plastics Representative for more details. 


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