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Priority Plastics will help you stand out among the crowd for all of your products. For hardware packaging, we typically recommend our clear PVC and PET containers. They come in a variety of shapes of sizes to suit your needs, and they all deliver consistent results for your products. The containers themselves have a high-quality feel that assures your customers the packaging will last and perform well.

We Offer The Tools You Need To Succeed

When we talk about hardware packaging at Priority Plastics, we are referring to the types of:

  • Nuts
  • Bolts
  • Screws
  • Fastener pieces

Hardware includes all of the smaller pieces that are integral to construction and hardware operations. These products are the basic building blocks on many different types of job sites, and they have countless applications. That means, as a hardware seller, you have a broad market to try and reach with your products. A market like that means that you face a lot of competition as well.

Packaging is an essential part of how you interact with customers.

Priority Plastics will make sure that they have a positive interaction.

Our Containers Are Superior Hardware Packaging Option

There are types of hardware packaging that come in different forms, like bags, but these are not effective packaging solutions for many products because inferior packaging will:

  • Rip or tear during transportation
  • Only allow you to seller small quantities of product
  • Not present your product in the best light

That type of poor packaging could end up costing you even more in lost sales and distribution fees due to returned or damaged product. It is a much more effective strategy to get it right the first time and invest in packaging that will endure the lifecycle of your products. Our superior durable containers will:

  • Stand up to the rigors of job sites
  • Offer organizational options for your customers
  • Scale up or down in capacity depending on the products that you are selling, which enables bulk sales

In the simplest terms, our custom packaging solutions allow you to sell more of your products.

Our containers will smoothly adapt to your production line and allow for many more options when it comes to the ways you want to sell your products on the shelf. Another feature of the PVC and PET containers is their transparency. There will be no mistaking what your customers are getting when they see your products in clear containers. An open and clear product presentation breeds trust in your brand and displays the confidence you have in your work.

Your Success Is Our Priority

With Priority Plastics, you will have a multi-faceted ally in any competitive market. Our containers will protect your hardware from the hazards of transportation and the retail shelf lifecycle. Your products will be presented in high-quality containers that spotlight the value of the product you are selling. We are here to support your business and products, and will make sure that your packaging works for you and not against you.

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