Industrial Container Capacity Available

Your Products are as important to us as they are to the world.

We have containers to help meet the demand for cleaning and disinfecting solutions.

We’ve never navigated through a time like this before.  Every day when we come into work, we get reminded how critical the products we make are to our customers; essential, too for the tens of thousands of end-use consumers our products impact daily.  Many times, we produce products not only for our customers – but, for the “customers of our customers”.

We are gratified that our containers are fulfilling our promises of safety, security and reliability for our variety of end-users.  Today, it is even more fulfilling to do so in these times of added stress and concern.

Throughout our company, our production crews are keenly aware of the impact we are having on the font-line battle against pathogens and bacteria.  Our impact is profound.  We are helping America move safely through this public health crisis. That responsibility is very motivating.

Priority Plastics’ industrial line of reliable containers has capacity available to meet the needs of your team. Strong, secure and extremely durable,  all our HDPE containers are manufactured using premium FDA-compliant and BPA-free, high-density polyethylene resins.

As a consequence of shifting product demands, lead times of some critical products have lengthened substantially.  Now is a great time to review your needs with a Priority Plastics representative – and, discuss which products in our catalog may be a suitable alternative to your previous container of choice.  We will gladly help you source a container that performs equally.

Industrial Container Capacity Available

Industrial Container Capacity Available

PriorityPour Tight Heads
Our Tight Head containers come in a variety of shapes and sizes to optimize space utilization for storage and shipping. Offered in square, round, mini, fort packs and Eco (Standard & Multi-layer). This line has exceptional strength and durability. Interlocking top and bottom designs provide secure stacking.

High Purity Chemical Containers
Ideal for a wide variety of applications including isopropyl alcohol, bleach and other disinfecting liquids and concentrates.

F Styles 32-OZ
Made in familiar rectangular shape with a built-in handle, these offer ease of use and a reliable grip. Most often used in the specialty and chemical industry markets.

Contact a Priority Plastics representative to discuss the exact availability details of the specific class of container.

Built for the responsibility they carry.

We have products designed to meet your needs. Priority Plastics industrial containers are safe and secure; many of our PriorityPour Tight Head products are U.N.-rated, tested, DOT-approved, GFSI-certified, sustainable and cost-effective.

Contact us to check availability and lead times by connecting with Jacquelyn Muse at 866.683.3356.


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