If your business fills and markets regulated or hazardous chemicals, then clean room production and packaging are primary concerns. Priority Plastics understands any contaminants can be detrimental to the chemicals you process. That’s why we developed a line of specialty chemical containers manufactured in a clean room environment.

We Have The Tools To Meet Your Requirements

The air that surrounds us every day is replete with particles that are too small for the naked eye to see, like pollen, dust, and other unknown materials. These elements go unnoticed in many typical workplaces, but are prevalent enough to contaminate the delicate processes that go into container and bottle production. Priority Plastics rises to the challenge of ridding the manufacturing environment of these contaminants. Implementing controlled spaces that meet highest regulatory standards and deliver quality uncontaminated products.

We support your success with superior products.

Our dedication to clean practices reflects our commitment to customer service.

We Start With The Purest Raw Materials

Our 4 liter series of high purity chemical container are manufactured in a Class 100k cleanroom, using additive-free high-density polyethylene resin, ideal for a wide variety of applications including high-tech, aeronautic, electronic, and other specialty chemicals.

These containers have been specifically developed for high purity applications that require a stronger level of attention to detail where particle contamination requirements are rigorous and must be monitored closely.

They meet UN 4G/T33/S regulations for demanding products like etching acids, alkaline, solvents, and other hazardous chemicals. The standard color is natural and products are available with a typical lined polypropylene cap or dust cover. Our standard packaging is UN-certified 4×1 combination cartons or bulk bags.

Custom, Clean Solutions

Our cleanroom environments have been developed to deliver the best performance possible. In Mesa, Arizona, Priority Plastics has a Class 100,000 clean room where we manufacture Ultra Clean HDPE Bottles. We perform air quality testing twice per shift, in addition to daily quality tests, and weekly particle monitoring, measuring liquid-particulate counts in deionized water for every cavity of every bottle.

Acceptance levels are based on particle sizes of 0.3 micron, guaranteeing our clients receive the cleanest, highest quality bottles and containers. We are the complete provider of containers for industries that require high cleanliness standards.

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