Why you should shore up your supply chain and regain control.

The old-school supply-chain model failed us.

The old model was cost-efficient and worked in a world where you could reliably predict the future. The challenges began when that future became more and more uncertain. Let’s break down why the current model failed when it was put to a real-world test:


1. Just-in-time manufacturing failed – You can’t produce goods on time if you no longer have access
to raw materials, parts or products.

2. Predictable demand was unpredictable – You can’t predict demand if regular and seasonal customer
trends are uncertain.

3. Managing inventory solely on availability let us down – You can’t keep inventory if products are unavailable.

4. Managing inventory solely on costs isn’t enough – You can’t keep profit margins if costs of goods are too high
even when the goods are available.

5. Relying on speed of manufacturing can’t bail us out – And you just can’t speed up what you don’t have.

While the basic tenants of supply-chain management historically have kept costs down and efficiencies up, they have left many manufacturers stranded without access to the resources needed to meet today’s consumer demand.

Even worse, they have had the opposite intended effects. They are driving higher production costs, lower profits, less ability to meet demand and a far less satisfied market. In short, this old-school model is losing you money and customers..


PriorityPour Tight Heads – Make the Switch to our Cyclone Technology

New PET with Injection Stretch Blow Molding

Canister Capacity with New Wheel Machine Technology

And it is not over.

New economic realities are all revealing severe challenges in our current supply chains, and relief isn’t predicted until well into 2022. Unprecedented delays and backlogs will continue as companies are predicted to wait weeks, several months or even up to a year to receive important raw materials to get their projects moving.

It’s time to get some help and shore up your supply chains.

Injection Stretch Blow Molding
High Speed Cyclone Technology
Wheel Machine Technology


A second source is the solution to supply chain challenges.

You can’t predict the unexpected, but you can plan for it—without sacrificing cost or efficiency. A backup plan—or, really, a backup supplier—is more critical than ever, as it can avoid gaps in your inventory. No gaps—no empty shelves. No gaps–no lost time getting to market.

Here’s why Priority Plastics is the superior choice to consider when finding that ever-important secondary source:

1. We are invested in people, technology and resources
These are the key ingredients in ensuring that we are a solid link in the supply chain. We invest in the brightest people and the right technology and have access to the raw materials in even the toughest of times. Even now.

2. There is no sacrificing quality
The materials and quality-management systems we have in place are equal to or better than what you get today. You don’t have to put a priority on time or cost over quality.

3. We match to your specifications and preferences
We’ll always work with you to meet expectations and make the process easier.

4. We meet or exceed your primary supply
As we work to have more and greater opportunities to fulfill your orders we can build your confidence in us that we are ready for whenever you need us. We’re constantly building our relationships and seeking better insight into your needs.

5. We’re here when you need us
In unprecedented times like today’s, it’s more important than ever for your resources to step up and even lead when your primary resource is unable to meet timelines, quality or even cost.

6. And we are always focused on your success
We’ll work to understand what factors are most crucial to your business success and supply-chain stability. And we’ll keep your long-term interests in mind.


Even now, market demand is unpredictable, and industry supplies are short.

Now is the time to make Priority Plastics your back-up plan. In these times, companies are left unable to solely rely on their primary suppliers. Don’t be next.

And although we would prefer to be your “go to” choice, let us be your SECOND SOURCE supplier—NOW and in the future.


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