Rectangle Tight Head 63 mm Crimp Neck – 20 Liter

  • Item # 7940-63MM CRIMP
  • 1200 grams
Priority Pour Sustainability Options:


Post Consumer Resin

Container:  96 pieces/pallet. Minimum order quantity 1 truckload (2,880)

  • Stackable – Interlocking top and bottom
  • Swing handle
  • BPA Free
  • Premium HDPE Resin, FDA-approved, food safe
  • Meets UN Packing Groups II and III Standard

Lid:  Sold separately (250/box)

  • 63 mm
  • Flex spout cap

Vent Options: 

  • 22 mm open vent with induction-seal cap
  • 22 mm open vent with foam liner
  • 22 mm closed vent with foam-lined cap
  • No vent, no cap

UN Certified: 

  • 3H1/Y1.8/100/**/USA/M5105 crimp neck

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Natural
  • White

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Size (Liter)


Gram Weight

Manufacturing Location

Container Color

Black, Blue, Natural, White

Lid and/or Liner Type

63 mm

Neck Finish

Neck Size

63 mm




7940_HDPE_FS10-10-231-Solid Flexspout_No Vent_Retest_ 2021-65


7940_HDPE_Short Neck_Solid Flexspout_8241-003_22MM Vent_8231_Retest_2021-67



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