As a mid-sized company with a diverse product line, we at Priority Plastics were excited when we were approached by Manufacturing in Focus magazine to be the subject of a feature article. We have many things to be proud of during our past few years of explosive growth — investments in our people, products and technology have been at the top!

 “With a solid family-oriented business approach, this plastic packaging leader prides itself on speed, efficiency, and the trustworthy delivery of quality products.”

Even with many challenges being faced in the manufacturing space today, we are seeing success in our strategic growth initiatives to bring high-demand products to our customers. The article highlights these areas of focus in our canister, tight head and retail packaging lines. With over $25 million reinvested in the business, we are able to bring the products our customers need to market and keep shelves and orders filled.

We are increasingly becoming known for our PriorityPour industrial tight head packaging and its significant advantages over the U.N.-rated open-head pail. We are now able to bring sustainable, multi-layer solutions where there weren’t options before. Offering post-consumer recyclable content and lighter weights through our high-speed continuous extrusion Cyclone shuttle technology.

Further, the article highlights the nearly 250,000 square feet of manufacturing space we now occupy to bring our PET and HDPE product offerings to market. Centrally located in the U.S. in Indiana, Colorado and Iowa, we are able to easily transport to the markets we serve.

Our facilities are home to smarter and newer technologies such as the all-electric, multi-layer R&B canister machine in Denver to support the exponential grown in the nutraceutical and wipes markets as well as new ISBM equipment in our Portland, IN location, investing in our customers growth and much needed capacity, through our PriorityONE initiative.

“Striving for eminence in a market where light weighting, the popularity of post-consumer materials, and next-generation technologies are set to revolutionize the plastics industry, Priority Plastics’ lighter impact on the environment and space-saving design are also evolving.”

One of our key pillars is continuous improvement and the recent investments in our multilayer, lightweight, PCR products and all-electric machinery gives us more leverage to offer sustainable solutions to our customers while also decreasing our overall environmental footprint.

As the economy increasingly struggles with supply chain shortages, we continue to be able to deliver quality products with ample capacity and are setup to be a great secondary source supplier for those unable to get the resources they need from their primary source.

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Surviving and thriving during COVID is something we are proud of. Keeping our employees safe, employed, productive and focused while also going above and beyond as a team to meet customer demands, which often times felt overwhelming as David Kunkle, vice president manufacturing states  “We did well throughout COVID, both commercially and operationally. I’d like to recognize the employees of Priority Plastics as they’ve continued to step up throughout this ongoing pandemic. We’re very, very proud of our employees”.

Our continued efforts and dedication to operational excellence, customer experience and our people-centric culture is the cornerstone of our success. Read more about it here to get the detailed information from our leaders and experts.

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