Slim Chillers
Priority Plastics ISBM 3.5″ PET round

Priority Plastics’ new ISBM Technology creates more innovative possibilities for our PET container customers. Injection Stretch Blow Molding capabilities make us a perfect partner for companies in specialty foods, snacks, candies or confections who are looking to refresh or re-invent their product packaging standards.

PET containers are a ”clearly” better approach!

Crisp and Clear: Benefits to our Customers

One of our customers produces a line of freeze-able adult beverage coolers under the brand name “Slim Chillers”. Clear plastic was the perfect packaging choice to communicate their product benefits on competitive store shelves. The durable container kept the prodcuct safe and stackable.

Our client commented that this clear, vertical packaging was the key to getting their line accepted onto multiple retail shelves. Consequently, their products have experienced wide consumer acceptance and tremendous brand growth.

These PET containers are rigid and durable allowing for more secure options for transportation, storage and display. ISBM technology enables us to engineer wider overall neck openings that allow improved accessibility to the container’s contents.

We currently have substantial production capacity to fill orders for this and other specific container sizes and configurations. Read more about this case study HERE and link to available ISBM designs below.

A Clearer PET

Even to the untrained eye, the quality of these PET products is distinctly better. Especially when compared side-by-side to other PET products. The ISBM process creates clearer and more durable PET containers, jars or bottles. They are more attractive and pleasing packages.

Better Cost Structures

We have helped clients discover that when certain ordering thresholds are met, the cost savings on PET containers can be substantial when compared to what they currently are required to budget.

Your Sustainability Goals

For our environmentally minded partners, our ISBM equipment reduces the carbon footprint per bottle produced. These new refinements can save up to 40% in electricity, helping meet your and your customer’s sustainability goals. And, PET packages are STILL 100% Recyclable.

Now Available in ISBM

Can We Be Your Secondary Supplier?

With the substantial instability and fluctuating demand brought about by COVID conditions, Priority Plastics has come to the aid of many customers by being a “Secondary Supplier” – helping to fill supply gaps as a particular market expands. Talk to a member of the Priority Plastics Commercial Team today to see if we have an alternative for you that helps to bring a FRESH TAKE to your packaging needs.

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