With the unpredictability of the supply chain, we’re the strong link you need.

Your competition is out there, ramping up their marketing efforts and strategies to win the hearts and minds of new customers. Your customers.

And making it even harder: the supply chain is still in disarray. Your potential shoppers are becoming more and more restless (and even demanding) every day. That means you can’t leave any stone unturned when it comes to your business.

Priority Plastics can be your secret weapon in the battle for market share, and we’re ready. Ready to meet all your needs—unexpected or not.

Competition is Tough

At Priority Plastics, we understand you need every competitive advantage, so we invested in our HDPE technology for you. Because of this, when you partner with Priority Plastics, you gain some extremely powerful benefits:

  • More improved technology – We give you access to a wide range of container sizes and configurations.
  • More diverse retail packaging choices – We run the full gamut of choices to help you determine which one fits your precise needs and helps your brand jump off the shelves.
  • More efficient production – If speed is the name of the game, our technology can stay several steps ahead of your needs and meet your goals in a timely manner. We’re efficient, and we can deliver on any emerging packaging needs—quickly.
  • More impact at retail – our plastic material features a clean visual appeal customers easily and instantly notice. They will also note the versatility and recyclable nature of our packaging—a must in their minds to pursue and achieve a world of greater sustainability.

It’s smart to have a reliable second source—like us. But more important, it’s smart to have someone in your corner helping you so you don’t have to compromise and so you have more options available to you.

Someone like us.

Be Tougher

Read about our second source options and see how well we and our proprietary technology respond to help you get exactly what you need to get ahead in the marketplace.

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