With the unpredictability of the supply chain, we’re the strong link you need.

The ongoing crisis of the supply chain still cannot escape the news. Transportation costs are shooting through the roof. Demands from customers and industries are higher than ever. Delivery performances are being put to the test where the worker shortage isn’t helping any.

But, we’ve already taken action so you can stay ahead of the challenges. Make us your reliable second source to handle your plastics and packaging needs in a moment’s notice.

Get your missing packaging and stop missing sales.

Priority Plastics gives you the leg up in the fight against supply chain deficiencies.

  • Made in the U.S.A.

    The supply chain issues extend well beyond the fifty states and Puerto Rico. It’s a global problem—with one of the greatest snags occurring right at shipping ports. With Priority Plastics, you avoid the lengthy lead times by not importing packaging from overseas.

  • Greater access to raw materials.

    We did our due diligence in ensuring we have an ample supply of raw materials on hand for manufacturing. It’s a major factor many suppliers struggle with.

  • Investing in top innovations.

    Many companies have long grown comfortable with staying the course and not adopting new innovations. They’re missing out. Even without the sluggishness of the supply chain, we believe in staying ahead. We invest for our customers and ourselves the technologies that increase our capabilities and speed up production.

    Supply Chain - The Tech We Invest

    We’ve increased our PET container capacity with Injection Stretch Blow Molding or ISBM. Meanwhile, our R&B machines now give us more availability in canister and tight head production. The Cyclone is North America’s highest speed four-cavity shuttle technology, opening up new supply lanes throughout the U.S. and Canada. We spared little expense to ensure you and every customer is prepared to deal with the most challenging packaging-supply needs.

  • Remove a step by using our label services.

    The name of the game for battling supply chain woes is to eliminate any unnecessary steps. With Priority Plastics, you can have labels applied to your containers right here at our facilities, consolidating steps and saving you time. Efficiency is on your side by having your labeling application completed in one place.

    Supply Chain - The Tech We Invest

    The problems within the current supply chain don’t appear to be going away any time soon. That makes it even more important to have a second source as your insurance policy to be ready to go further to combat unexpected complications when they arise.

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