We’re committed to you, so you can stay true to your commitments.

We here at Priority Plastics know last year’s challenges were rough. Maybe your shipments were delayed, or maybe your parts weren’t available. Maybe your orders were missed, or maybe your customers couldn’t get the products they wanted. Any of those things could shake your customers’ confidence to the point that they could switch to a competitor’s brand, and your sales could suddenly spiral downward. The last thing you want is to not meet your commitments. That means the first thing you need to do is take advantage of our capabilities.

First, lean on our ongoing commitment to first-in-class customer experience.

Our customers come first, simple as that. In the spirit of the new year, we are fully recharged and ready to keep giving you the greatest service possible. With our experience in the plastics industry, our team is dedicated to providing the right resources and knowledge to assist you in successfully selling your products.

With the supply chain still turbulent, it’s important to have that solutions-minded partner you can confide in. If a question or challenge comes up, feel free to connect with our hardworking customer experience team. They’re here to help you find and implement the solutions you need to navigate any opportunity.

Second, be assured by our commitment to continuously improved sustainability.

It’s no secret. The demand has been substantially greater than the supply, meaning no resource should be overlooked. The energy we can save. The resins we can recapture. The carbon emission we can prevent—all of it matters. We’ll ramp up our sustainability efforts further to make this year even more sustainable—for you and for us.
Anticipate every Priority Plastics facility rolling out more initiatives toward zero waste, offering post-consumer resins, cutting down on energy consumption and lowering the amount of plastic your packaging needs, all while keeping your product fresh and protected. It’s this level of dedication that shows we don’t miss a step. Neither should you.

Last, trust in our commitment to deliver the solutions you need, now.

Making the right investments has been a priority in meeting your immediate needs and giving you the solutions to keep business moving. Solutions like implementing a back-up packaging source. By having a second source, you can steer clear of a halt in production when packaging is in short supply. Our focus on the latest equipment, resource sustainability and ensuring we have capacity gives you the confidence that you’ll always have the packaging needed to reach customers.
Our Cyclone technology is the fastest technology of its kind in North America. Our R&B machines save on resin and energy, and we now offer Injection Stretch Blow Molding for even more solutions in PET. Together, we are more than prepared to handle your packaging-supply needs.

We have an ongoing commitment to invest in solutions that make the difference.

We at Priority Plastics are fully committed and ready to take on new orders that include finding the right packaging for you right now. Be sure to look at our complete line of products in industrial, nutraceutical, wipes and retail packaging.

Whatever challenges the new year brings, you can count on Priority Plastics in 2022.

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