People: The Secret Behind Our Success

Often, a company’s success hinges on the effectiveness of its products. A good one can make the company. A defective one can break it. Here at Priority Plastics, although it’s important to maintain the high quality of our cannisters, tight heads and other containers, we believe it’s equally vital to recognize the people who make them every day.

Our people. Unsung heroes. True difference-makers who are certainly not just team members but respected partners who embody our values.

Let’s face it. The world’s dealing with a bit of chaos right now. In our field in particular, the gaps in the supply chain have put many manufacturers on defense, unsure where to go. For this alone, it’s important to have the right, dependable people in place. People you can feel good about working with.

We’re investing in the most important resource. People.

We invest in all that matters.

Through our commitment to innovation and investment, we can provide top-tier service and reliability. In recent time, we’ve made great strides that cannot be ignored. For example,

  • We’re moving to all electric machines to reduce our carbon footprint and energy use where we can.
  • We are using ISBM— Bringing more PET options. It is 100% recyclable and reusable with lighter weights than traditional HDPE containers and is now made using a lower carbon footprint per bottle produced.
  • We are using multilayer production methods to create a line of eco tight heads with reusable materials—yet another example of strong resourcefulness in lowering the amount of overall waste.

All these ideas, and more, started with our people.

We listened. We responded.
And now, we all thrive.

Our vision statement:

To rally in service of people so that we grow together and enrich lives.

Our values:

We believe in the potential of people.
We seek to understand and listen.
We work to courageously improve
And contribute to a secure and adaptable foundation,
As we pledge enduring support to each other.

Who wouldn’t want to get behind principles like these? Quite frankly, it’s our secret sauce.

Our priority: investing in people.

Again, it’s our people who we need to set up for success. Quality people. Smart people. The right people. People who find opportunities and ways to deliver on your goals. Who find the courage it takes to explore new territory well beyond their comfort zone. Who have the determination to improve and deliver more for your business.

It all starts with our values above, building trust upon each success. That’s our pledge and promise to you: to be the company you feel good about working with.

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