Secure, safe and tested to outperform open head pails, PriorityPour tight heads are becoming the preferred packaging solution for a wide variety of industries. Having recently received SQF accreditation (Safe Quality Food) in all our facilities, these cost-effective containers are solving problems for those who package food and beverage concentrates.

They are also a logical choice for manufacturers and distributors in janitorial, sanitation and specialty chemicals industries. Those in agricultural and lawn and garden market segments find them to be a superior solution as well.

Putting tight heads to the test

On a regular basis, we subject PriorityPour tight heads to a rigorous battery of tests. All are designed to continually improve our product performance and to assure we meet UN and DOT testing standards. Our in-house testing lab provides a sense of confidence for our customers as we simulate many of the situational challenges of manufacturing, packing, shipping and storing valuable and sometimes caustic liquids.
Some of our specific testing capabilities include:

  • Dynamic ambient top load testing
  • Static elevated temperature top load testing
  • Zero degree drop impact testing
  • Hydrostatic pressure testing
  • Leakproof-ness testing
  • Vibration testing

We have even performed this battery of grueling testing on our competitors’ versions of open head pail containers. In head-to-head tests, PriorityPour tight heads came out on top again and again. We especially enjoyed the drop test – take a look!

The latest technology, too

As a result of our recently completed five million dollar expansion, our production capacity has significantly expanded.  Based in our Portland, Indiana facility, our new CYCLONE machine supports the rapid growth that we have experienced in the UN-rated tight head pail market. It features high speed, four-cavity shuttle technology yielding faster tight head manufacturing times.  In addition, we offer custom solutions to help meet our customers sustainability goals and initiatives.

At Priority Plastics, we are creating better packaging solutions with PriorityPour tight heads.  Take a look at how cost-effective we can be with this quick explainer video.  Please contact us to help you with a cost-benefit comparison customized for your unique situation.

We offer our customers a safer and more secure container – and, a more cost-effective alternative to open head pails.

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