Heather Smith

Customer Experience Representative

Portland, IN
[email protected]

Heather’s history with Priority Plastics dates back to 2013 when she started working with us as a packer/inspector on our production floor.  There she learned how to give visual product inspections for weight and neck verifications.  She also trained and worked full time in our Portland Quality Lab and understands the rigors of UN-testing.  She brings her experience as a Quality Assistant and a Quality Associate to her Customer Service role – a position she has held since 2020.

In her personal time, Heather loves going bowling, sitting by campfires and just being with her 2 daughters.  Fun Fact: her oldest daughter is also employed at Priority Plastics.

We think Heather’s customers are lucky to have her working for them.  She understands what it takes to produce a quality container – and, she knows how important quality is for overall customer satisfaction.  She is pledged to uphold our Customer Experience standards –   and promises to:

  • Always provide her customers with confirmations within 48 hours
  • Continuously improve on Customer Care inquiries – with accurate answers and faster response times.
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