Right now, your world may be a bit predictably unpredictable. Demand is high. Resources are short.

Who could have predicted our current challenges—the ongoing effects of a worldwide, unprecedented pandemic putting stress on everyday business up and down the supply chain.

We Did! Our investments in people, products and technology allow us to get you the packaging you need now, when you need it, to fill much needed customer demand.

If you haven’t considered it yet, getting a back-up plan, a second-source supplier, can help avoid stops in production and stops in your profits. Stop relying on single sourcing and get your business back on track, in production and filling orders.

Start with a solid back-up plan. Start with Priority Plastics.

  • We never sacrifice quality and can meet or exceed your specifications.
  • We’re heavily invested in people, technology and resources.
  • We’re manufactured in the USA (to ease those shipping-resource headaches).

And, even better: we’re available to meet your needs—right now.

New challenges need new thinking.

How do you ensure access to resources when you need them? How do you keep costs down without sacrificing quality or profits? How do you keep your product on the shelf even when your competition struggles? How do you ensure that you’re able to rise to the challenge, no matter what the next challenge is?

Like it or not, the world has changed. There are issues throughout the manufacturing ecosystem—and the solution may be right in front of you.

A real sticking point: Relying on single-sourced, on-demand manufacturing.

Right now, we are learning that relying on on-demand manufacturing (a system in which products are manufactured only when needed and in quantities required) doesn’t leave us with an ability to continue business during any significant disruption in our supply chain. It’s no longer prudent to bet your livelihood on always having access to the one resource you need when you need it. It’s time to face the strong reality that many are experiencing. Need proof? Look around.

On-demand manufacturing worked to keep inventory in line with demand; it kept storage costs lean, waste minimal and profits high. Until it didn’t.
We know that, without production, there are no profits. No resources, no manufacturing, no sales and—if we are not careful—no customers. No customers: no more business.

Time to change our approach to how we source our resources. Reach out and let us help you navigate your supply-chain challenges—today and tomorrow.



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