Eco Rectangle Tight Head 70 mm 6 TPI Neck – 5 Gallon

  • Item # 7945-70MM-6TPI-E
  • 1000 grams
Sustainability Options:



Container:  112 pieces/pallet. Minimum order quantity 1 truckload (3,360)

  • Multi-layer (Inner Layer PCR or Regrind)
  • Stackable – Interlocking top and bottom
  • Integrated handle
  • BPA Free
  • Premium HDPE Resin, FDA-approved, food safe
  • Meets UN Packing Groups II and III Standard

Lid:  Sold separately

  • Natural
  • Polypropylene plastic
  • Food safe
  • Tamper Evident
  • 6 threads per inch w/ EPDM gasket liner
  • 3/4 in. NPT (national pipe thread) knockout, vent optional

Vent Options: 

  • 22 mm open vent with induction-seal cap
  • 22 mm open vent with foam liner
  • 22 mm closed vent with foam-lined cap
  • No vent, no cap

  • Natural
  • White


Caps and Closures Chart

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Item #




Size (Gallons)

Manufacturing Location

Container Color

Natural, White

Lid and/or Liner Type

70 mm

Neck Finish

Neck Size

70 mm

Cap and/or Closure Type



14.2" H x 10.2" W x 11.2" L

Gram Weight

Our PriorityPour Eco is manufactured using the newest, high-speed, continuous-extrusion technology available in North America. The Eco delivers a multi-layer, sustainable product with the same integrity and durability as our standard containers. Multi-layer technology using closed-loop or post-consumer regrind helps Priority Plastics achieve our continuous-improvement goal to reduce our overall environmental impact.

  • Precision mold and head technology delivers consistent wall thickness for strength and integrity throughout the entire container.
  • Multi-layer technology features a core layer of closed-loop or post-consumer regrind encapsulated between two layers of 100% virgin resin.
  • Inner virgin-resin layer keeps contents inside from interacting with post-consumer resins.
  • Personalized company name or logo embossed directly onto the container.

All raw materials are FDA-approved resin, as well as food-grade. BPA-free. Made from premium HDPE resin. Uses space wisely for storing and shipping. Available in different shapes and sizes and features secure stacking with interlocking top and bottom designs. Label capability. Sleeve label and pressure-sensitive options. Multi-use applications. Food/flavoring, concentrates, janitorial, sanitation and chemical and agricultural industries, among others.





PriorityPour Tight Head 5 Gal & 20 L Rectangle Spec Sheet


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