Make the plan to make Priority Plastics your insurance plan.

As we see it, we produce more than just solid canisters. We give you the insurance policy that your product can leap over the hurdles caused by an overly-strained supply chain.

You also get the certainty that you will always have access to resins and raw resources. You’ll feel good knowing your products will find the shelves of your retailers and ultimately into the hands of your customers.

Our resins are FDA-acceptable, BPA-free and perfect for a full range of uses. They also meet CONEG code requirements while staying full compliant with California Proposition 65.

• Food
• Chemicals
• Nutraceuticals (powders, vitamins, cannabis)
• Household products



We think that we manufacture more than just canisters.
Far more.

It’s true, our success hinges on reliable, top quality plastic packaging. It also rests on your success. Plain and simple. To ensure your continued success, we need to be more than a manufacturer of canisters. We need to manufacture peace of mind. How? Investments. We invest in the right resources to provide you with every possible advantage despite the challenges you face:

Customer demands are skyrocketing to all-time highs. Priority Plastics puts the people and technology in place to meet those demands.

Fuel and shipping costs are also out of control. But with our facilities strategically and centrally positioned in the heart of America, we can help keep rising costs at bay while also delivering our packaging to you faster.

Shortages not only affect products. They also impact raw materials. Priority Plastics keeps a healthy supply to meet immediate needs.

And even though we don’t own a crystal ball (do you?) to show exactly what hurdles the future will throw your way—you can most certainly plan for when the unexpected happens.

We believe the best way to reach your goals is to look for places where you might need to adapt on the fly—like packaging. America’s top companies keep their competition at bay by turning over every stone, looking for possibilities that gives them an edge. You should too.

Action now pays dividends later.

That means you CAN ensure you don’t see an interruption in sales. By making Priority Plastics your second source today, you put your mind at ease, you keep your eye on your customer’s needs and you protect your bottom line. Get a solid backup plan. A reliable second stream of packing ready, now. Don’t wait.

Things change on a dime. Start making plans to be prepared. Because being one step ahead keeps you miles ahead of the competitors.

More Than Canisters

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