New Wheel Machine Technology

Priority Plastics has invested in our canister production with new wheel-machine technology to further increase our container capacity, our production turnaround times and our partners’ bottom lines.

Efficiency is the name of this game. Our continued investments in advanced and high-speed technology give us the ability to generate output our customers need, meeting increased market demand. This new technology allows for quick-change capabilities furthering our capacity and canister availability. Leaving you with more options and better choices for canister production.

Wipes lids are in even greater demand, and Priority Plastics is here to deliver, with additional snap-it lid molds to further support the growing wipes market.

And rest assured, every container carries with it all the benefits of high-density polyethylene. Produced with FDA-acceptable resins and completely BPA-free. Fully compliant with California Proposition 65 and CONEG code requirements. You can even request embossed logos to meet your customization needs.

HDPE containers are perfect for items that need to be easily carried or transported or that need to be in containers that are chemically resistant, durable at low temperatures and impact-resilient. HDPE containers are ideal for a wide range of applications in verticals such as healthcare and nutraceutical, electronics, household cleaning, automotive, animal care, industrial and sanitation.

Plus, HDPE is recyclable in nearly all programs in the U.S.; the recaptured material is used to make many products such as storage containers, lumber, patio furniture, playground equipment, automobile parts and many more.

At Priority Plastics, we regrind all internally generated scrap and unused resin in our facilities to reduce waste, and we are always looking for ways to expand sustainability efforts and reduce our environmental impact. Find out how we can help your company today.

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