Priority Plastics Global Food Safety

Priority Plastics recently received Safe Quality Food (SQF) certification at our Portland/tight head and Grinnell/canister locations. “As a leader in manufacturing safe containers for our customers, we are very proud to add food safety to our list of values,” says Jeremy Wasson, Quality Manager at Priority Plastics.

The SQF system is one of four globally recognized food safety management systems that all fall under the Global Food Safety Initiative. “Priority Plastics chose to be certified by the SQF system because it is the benchmark for the GFSI standard for production of food packaging,” added Wasson.

“This accomplishment builds on our ISO 9001:2015-based quality management system,” Wasson continued. Priority Plastics’ Denver/PET & PVC location is currently preparing for their respective SQF audit in the first quarter of 2020.

The Importance of Food Safety

The Global Food Safety Initiative seeks to continuously improve the management of food safety throughout the entire supply chain, literally from farm to fork. Due to several high profile international food and drug safety situations in the 70’s and 80’s, GFSI sought to restore lagging consumer confidence in the growers, harvesters, processors, manufacturers, packagers, shippers, handlers, retailers, preparers, packagers, and included every major consumer goods company and most governmental and regulatory jurisdiction. It was agreed by all that restoring global certainty in safe food and drink must include every link in the supply chain.

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Priority Plastics takes its role within that global food chain seriously. The company applied cross-functional resources and personnel to ensure the exercise was rigorous and comprehensive, following a process of benchmarking current procedures and practices against expected methods. It was critical that this next step in the company’s quality evolution entrench best practices and requisite changes in procedure, process, functional layout, employee equipment, insurance coverage, and more. It simply wasn’t good enough to just check the boxes, hang a piece of paper and be done with it. That’s never been the Priority Plastics way.

Certified Safe for Multiple Industries

As a blow molder of plastic packaging used extensively across many industries, including food, beverage, candy, pet, cannabis and nutritional markets, we’ve always challenged ourselves to go beyond the necessary, evidenced by an entrenched and robust quality management system, as well as in-house Department of Transportation and UN-certification capabilities.well as in-house Department of Transportation and UN-certification capabilities.

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