Priority Plastics HDPE Wipes Canisters

Priority Plastics has been your go-to, one-stop wipes solution for more than 25 years.

We’ve successfully supplied manufacturers in the healthcare, electronics, cosmetics, personal care, household cleaning, automotive, marine maintenance, animal care, industrial Priority Plastics HDPE Canistersand sanitation markets. And right now, we have capacity for canisters and lids. We can produce everything for you. We’ll also provide bracket kits and preform tamper-resistant bands, as you need them, to ensure your customers’ safety and security.

Canister Capacity Opens Up

In fact, we have the wipes, canisters and lids you need!  Click here to learn more

Our canisters are made of HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) or PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) and are BPA-free and FDA-compliant. We are EPA-registered and fully comply with Prop 65 and CONEG requirements. Even our snap-top and spring closures are made of polypropylene, which ensures that your hinge is long-lasting.

We can sleeve label, pressure-sensitive label, closure line and secondary assemble. And we can even bring in market-leading silk screen processors to provide you with a complete package: container, closure, lining and decoration. All from one manufacturer!

Priority Plastics PET CanistersAnd as an accomplished wipes manufacturer, we’ll work alongside your team to make your towel-wipe product better than ever. Unlike other manufacturers with less experience, we know what it takes to exceed expectations.

Our team is experienced in many industries, and we are ready to get your towel wipes to market. Whether you are still in the planning stage or are simply looking for a redesign, let us help!

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