The competition is tough. It’s challenging to stand out on a shelf among your strongest competition. Always grabbing for attention, seeking the next sale.  You’ll experience better brand building with new PET packaging solutions by Priority Plastics.

Consider Updating Your Packaging.

Priority Plastics ISBM Innovative Handles
Brand Packaging Innovation

Brand awareness can be dramatically improved with innovative packaging.  Consider something more impactful. Eye catching. New. Different. We’ll do that. Your brand should re-consider PET packaging. It’s popular. Clear plastic material offers a clean visual appeal. Plus, this mode of packaging is versatile and recyclable. And now, it’s new again!

Priority Plastics has recently launched a new ISBM (Injected Stretch Blow Molding) line of PET packaging. This is an exclusive, proprietary PET technology that’s more versatile, comes in bigger sizes, wider necks, integrated handles–which is important if you want to meet demand and stand out from the competition!

Better Brand Building with New PET Packaging

Have you recently asked yourself any of these key questions?

    • Have we been using the same packaging or design for years?
    • Does our packaging look dated or stale?
    • Do we stand apart from everyone else?  Or, do we ‘blend in?
    • Has our competition caught up, or worse, passed us by?
    • Do our customers think of us as a leader? An innovator? A better brand?
    • Could our brand could use a new look or packaging to boost sales?
    • Or simply, Could our brand use a little new-news sales incentive?

Next Level Goals

While the marketplace offers many solutions to you and your products, this new innovation in ISBM PET technology could offer a uniquely perfect packaging solution. Priority Plastics now gives you increased capacity and a myriad of choices for packaging that gets your brand noticed.

Priority Plastics ISBM PET Food SafeTogether, we can help you achieve that next-level sales goal or that prime-category-leadership position. This proprietary technology is a North America exclusive for Priority Plastics; we’re the only manufacturer that can create this this new breed of PET. Our technology gives customers the choice of the widest range of container sizes and configurations in this part of the world.

We offer designs that feature integrated handle-ware, wider neck openings and stackable options – just to name a few.  Plus, this system is ECO conscious. It’s designed to save electricity and reduces scrap helping to meet your sustainability goals while reducing the carbon footprint per bottle.

Simply put: We’ve expanded our ISBM PET capabilities to better deliver a clear alternative for those of you looking for something new in clear packaging. For those of you demanding a little more from your packaging partners.

One more way we’re continuing to invest in our highest Priority: You. Our customer.

Prioroity Plastics ISBM PET Containers

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