VIROX Technologies is an innovative leader in disinfectant products impacting the fields of animal and human health. The company, formed in 1998 in Oakville, Canada, markets infection prevention products around the globe to over 70 countries. Their patented products utilize active hydrogen peroxide as the primary disinfecting agent.

They produce over 1,000,000 canisters of wipes per month for several of the largest house brands going into Professional Beauty, Aviation, and Animal Health both companion animal and production farming.

Their products have been vital and essential during the global health crisis in early and mid 2020. Subsequently, demand for them increased greatly during the pandemic.

Priority Plastics’ relationship with VIROX dates back several years. However, our recent ability to problem-solve during this time of increased demand has helped VIROX keep pace with demand.

Visit VIROX Technologies Inc. to find out more about how they are helping in the fight against COVID-19.

2021 Priority Plastics Strategic Meeting Image

Specific Packaging Needs

Our canister facility in Grinnell, Iowa is the primary supplier of multiple products from our line of 120-mm and 83-mm HDPE containers. These containers are paired with varying lid colors to differentiate the market segments served by VIROX. All the containers we manufacture for this client dispense single-use sanitary wipes.

Our Relationship

Product demand through mid 2020 was on an unprecedented pace. The global pandemic opened up client opportunities for VIROX that could not have been predicted.

In 2019, Priority Plastics was recognized as “Supplier of the Year” by Virox. Consequently, Priority Plastics had earned a valued place in the supply chain of VIROX and we were ready to help solve the problems presented by the unprecedented disinfecting demands for COVID-19 precautions.

Product Growth

VIROX has customarily used a contract filler in Milwaukee, WI to fill their canisters of towel material – and, then ship product to Canada to complete the filling process. In 2020, they added an additional contract filler in Wisconsin. This helped to solve some short term problems but also created more complexity in the supply chain.

To help simplify their processes and keep pace with increased demand from VIROX, Priority Plastics committed to expanding our output by running two mold sets 24/7 from our Grinnell, IA facility. Further, we authorized additional mold sets from our production location in Portland, IN.

Overall, we committed to doubling their available capacity for both canisters and lids by purchasing new injection mold tooling and extrusion blow mold tooling. By fall 2020, we began producing canisters at a third facility to further support the dramatic growth of VIROX.

Longer term, we have agreed on a strategic planning partnership that supports the growth trajectory of VIROX. We will be investing in new technology in 2021 to support the entirety of our client’s needs with the production output from a single location. Logistically, this flattens the production and distribution process – as Priority Plastic’s Grinnell, IA location is located closest to VIROX product filling facility.

A Plan For The Future

Overall, we enjoy a great deal of candid collaboration and problem solving with key clients like VIROX. Together, we have transformed the available pipeline of the needed packaging products VIROX clients are demanding.

While the depth and intricacies of this relationship continue to evolve with the changing marketplace, to date this vendor-client relationship shows numerous positive outcomes:

  • Smaller carbon footprint through lower freight costs
  • Improved production efficiencies and container output
  • Reduction of container costs
  • Simplification of the supply chain
  • Reduction of lead times
  • Action plan for future expansion and growth

Products & Plans

Priority Plastics parts include:

  • 120 mm SNPT lids in multiple colors
  • 83 mm SNPT lids in white
  • 120 mm white SNPT 70oz canister
  • 120 mm white SNPT 90oz canister
  • 83 mm white SNPT 31oz canister