Shaklee is a leading natural nutrition company founded by Dr. Shaklee, who invented the first multivitamin in the U.S. more than 100 years ago. As a pioneer in sustainability, Shaklee was the first company in the world to fully offset its carbon emissions with the goal to leave no footprint on our planet. Shaklee products are backed by over 110 published clinical studies proving safety and efficacy and are marketed through more than 2 million micro-influencers in North America and Asia. With products and solutions from multivitamins to skincare, Shaklee is committed to providing consumers with the products and support they need to live their healthiest lives.

Our Relationship

In 2012, The Shaklee team began looking for a manufacturer of plastic containers for their shakes and powder shakes. The requirements included a partner who would help them to reduce plastic waste, have a focus on being green and that would have acceptable lead times to meet their distribution needs. They needed a partner they could grow with and could count on in the long run. Based on their research, they reached out to the Priority Plastics team for an initial meeting.

Product Growth

After learning that Priority Plastics could meet their specified needs as well as provide an FDA-safe statement, the Shaklee team brought Priority Plastics on board. As one of their first projects, the Priority team would provide 44, 60 and 70-oz plastic containers for nutritional powder shakes. Production began in the Las Vegas, Nevada and Grinnell, Iowa facilities. While the main shipping point for the end products was California, over time, the team worked to transfer production to the Denver facility, which opened a new HDPE cell. This change would provide the best lead time and improve transit and freight costs while reducing carbon emissions.

Later, to meet increased demand during the Ramadan holiday, they turned to Priority Plastics to assist; it required 150,000 plastic containers a week (five truckloads). The Priority Plastics team coordinated among all plant levels to ensure supply could meet the demand.

“We’re very happy with the quality of the Priority Plastics products and their timely deliveries.” – Alma Sanchez, Global Sourcing Buyer, Shaklee

A Plan For The Future

A strong partnership has developed between Priority Plastics and Shaklee. The Priority Plastics team has invested in streamlining and improving internal processes and scheduling capabilities to improve results. Together, Priority Plastics and Shaklee have improved workflows. Priority Plastics also introduced utilizing slip molds, which has improved the speed of running consecutive orders of plastic containers in various sizes.

The successful partnership on the Ramadan product line launch provided Shaklee with sales revenue and growth. Priority Plastics and Shaklee worked closely together to solve warehousing coordination issues with raw material availability and scheduling. The Shaklee team appreciated that Priority Plastics was able to keep up with demand, even during challenging supply chain times and worked seamlessly with their logistics and procurement teams.

Shaklee and Priority Plastics have enjoyed a strong relationship that has delivered desired growth and flexibility.

To learn more about how Priority Plastics HDPE canister capacity and tooling availability can be part of your growth strategy, contact our team today.

“Priority Plastics is reliable, and their customer service is outstanding. They gather and synthesize needs and offer up tailored solutions. They care deeply about the work, the results, and the people within their charge.” – Alma Sanchez, Global Sourcing Buyer, Shaklee

Products & Plans

Priority Plastics parts include:

  • 120 mm Industry Standard SP400 HDPE Canisters – 60 oz
  • 120 mm Industry Standard SP400 HDPE Canisters – 70 oz
  • 120 mm Triple Lead HDPE Canisters – 44 oz