We started investing in solutions before you knew you needed them

We’ve invested over $25 million in people, technology and tooling to deliver the latest technology solutions that solve pressing packaging problems—Creating Inventory Now. We’ve put in the work to better support your needs.

And while other packaging providers are scrambling to keep up with demand, we’re actively implementing solutions that help support our customers’ needs. It’s part of our ongoing commitment to be a ready packaging partner.

It’s built into our DNA. We have made the necessary investments in people, equipment and technology to keep the products you need flowing to your customers in this difficult market. Here’s how we’ve invested to meet your needs:

Looking for additional canister supply? Look no further. Since 2018, we’ve invested to improve our canister capacity. Our new, all-electric R&B machine improves our ability to deliver the packaging you need, AND it also delivers improved sustainability features such as multi-wall layering, light-weighting and post-consumer resin options. In addition, our new Wheel technology extends our canister capacities even further, getting you packaging when and where you need it, with shorter lead times than ever.

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Just ask our partner Virox. When the pandemic hit hard, finding canisters was hard for everybody. Virox worked with us to ensure that they could deliver vital, lifesaving pandemic supplies all over the world—earning us their International Vendor of the Year award in 2021.

How about tight heads? We’re proud of our Cyclone technology. We’ve invested $5 million in the fastest, four-shuttle tight head manufacturing technology in North America. Now you have access to a more sustainable, multi-layer container (incorporating up to 80% recyclable material enveloped inside layers of virgin plastics), increasing your packaging sustainability without compromising your packaging quality. This faster manufacturing accommodates more demanding turnaround times, offsets freight costs and helps make your packaging more cost-competitive. That gives you more alternatives in U.N.-rated packaging than before.

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Our investment in our Cyclone technology is just one reason Manufacturing Technology Insights awarded us a Top Manufacturing Solution Provider award in 2021.


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Need clear PET retail packaging? We’ve invested in Injection Stretch Blow Molding (ISBM), which lets us significantly expand our shapes, sizes and capacity to bring you more alternatives. We are committed to get you the molds and the resources you need. This investment only improves customer service (and sustainability as PET remains a recyclable solution).

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Read more about our ISBM investments in Plastics Technology.


Need more help getting your goods to your customers? We can also handle labeling to reduce your cost and package-finishing efforts. The professionals who know containers inside and out are best able to provide label application. We understand the need to be accurate, flexible and reliable.

We didn’t stop investing there. We’re also investing in our people—one of our highest priorities. We’ve invested well over a million dollars in our employees (the people who make the day-to-day difference) and on our vision for the future. Training, rewards, incentives, recognition and workplace improvements to date are included—because we know we must deliver for our people so our people can continue to deliver for you.

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And don’t worry, we won’t stop there—we’re already investing more. It’s our promise to continue our commitment to innovation and investment. It’s part of our ongoing responsibility to provide today’s customers with tomorrow’s solutions. The reason we’ve invested in more capacity, faster turnaround times, more resources: our commitment to your success.

That is the Priority of Service Promise you can expect from a partner like us.

That’s our mission. That’s our priority.

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