Jerry Can

If you are hoping to find out more about jerrycans – or, jerry can containers on this website, we have some good news and some bad news.  The bad news: we don’t sell jerrycans.  The good news: PriorityPour Tight Heads are a very suitable replacement.  Modern technology makes Tight heads lighter, cheaper and more durable than jerrycans.

You might say JERRY CAN; but, it’s a TIGHT HEAD

On a very regular basis we hear a customer comment or receive a production inquiry that includes the dated term “Jerry Can”.  Either that individual has a long memory – or, they are struggling with identifying it by a more contemporary name.


At Priority Plastics, we owe some of our product success to Jerry Cans.  Without the innovative designs of Jerry Cans in the early part of last century, we would not have been inspired to manufacture and constantly improve our PriorityPour Tight head containers.

The History of Jerrycan containers

Jerry Cans circa 1945

The technology of Jerrycans dates back to the 1930’s. They were designed in a 20 liter capacity in Germany for military use. At the time, it was a significant improvement in existing designs. The jerrycan needed no additional tools to use – nor did it need a funnel to use it efficiently. The innovative design included multiple handles to facilitate two-person handling and carrying. The multiple handle design also allowed one person to carry two empty jerrycans in one hand.

There were US efforts afoot to copy the German design as early as 1939. After the Allies determined there was a need for such a versatile container – for both fuel and water – the US began to manufacture a version by the early 1940’s. By the end of World War II, it’s estimated that over 19 million units were manufactured and deployed to support US forces in the European Theatre of Operations alone.

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