Patty Manatt

Customer Experience Representative

Grinnell, IA
[email protected]

Patty joined PPI in mid-2021 and brings with her over 35 years of customer service experience. “It’s kinda my thing”, she says.  She enjoys connecting with people from all walks of life.  “My best days are when I can make someone else’s!”

Outside of work, family and farm life absorb most of her time and bring her great joy and satisfaction.  She is quick to volunteer her time for community projects and benefits and freely gives her talents including crafts, cupcakes and cookies.

We believe a great customer experience is founded on integrity; and, integrity is very important to Patty.  She promises to:

  • Always listen to understand – and, confirm for clarity.
  • Always follow-through and always follow-up when I say I will.
  • Openly admit when I don’t have an answer – and, to respond accurately once I do.
  • Always be ready to sincerely help a customer out..
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