Priority Plastics Cyclone Tight Heads

At Priority Plastics, tight head manufacturing is an ever-growing part of our container business.  There are many great reasons why these are such successful products. Simply put, a tight head is a safer, more durable and more secure alternative to an open head bucket. That’s why we’re on a quest to educate all our industrial container customers on PriorityPour Tight Heads. 

Serving New Markets with Shorter Production Times.

We’ve significantly expanded our capacity for manufacturing UN-Rated tight head containers. Our high-speed manufacturing machinery – nicknamed THE CYCLONE – has been operational for about six months now in our Portland, Indiana plant.  This multi-million dollar expansion has upped our output of both Eco multi-layer PCR and lightweight PriorityPour Tight Heads.

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PriorityPour Eco Multi-layer Tight Head

In addition to increasing production volume, we have compressed our lead times. The new technology includes automated processing, multi-layer manufacturing capabilities and high tech mold design. This allows improved strength in the final container product. Plus, these mold designs support our Eco products.  We can produce existing designs to lighter weight standards as well as creating multi-layer products that use post consumer resins in a layered product technology.

Same Durability. Lighter Weight Materials.

All our Eco products offer the same integrity and durability as our standard containers. The CYCLONE also helps keep us on track to address our company’s long term sustainability goals by producing more environmental containers. It’s a continuous-improvement goal of ours to reduce our overall environmental impact.

The Cyclone features high speed, four cavity shuttle technology. Faster tight head manufacturing times and lighter overall weights give us the opportunity to offset freight and be even more cost competitive.

At Priority Plastics, we are always planning and building for the future. We think our future is safe, strong and secure – – just like our Priority Pour Tight heads!

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