F-Style 63 mm Threaded Neck – 2.5 Gallon

  • Item # 320063
  • 320 oz.

The term ‘F-style’ refers to the design of the container. Its rectangular shape with built-in handle offers ease of use and reliable grip. The 2.5 gallons HDPE F-style is most often used in the specialty and agricultural chemical industry.  Certifications for UN packing Group II or III materials are available upon request.

  • 217 pieces bulk pallet
  • 30 pallets per truck
  • Minimum order 1 truck 6510 pieces
  • Lids not available
  • 4-week lead time

  • Natural
  • White
Item #

320063 (Phoenix Neck -002 Or custom/Berry Neck -602)


Size (oz)

Neck Finish

Manufacturing Location


Container Color

Natural, White

2.5 Gal F Style Container

Production and Shipping Delays

Some of our products are in higher demand due to the on-going public health crisis and are experiencing longer than usual lead times.

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