PriorityPour Tight Head – the Ideal Chemical Storage Container

We are an industry leader in producing HDPE containers, ranging from jars and tubs to industrial-use products like our PriorityPour Tight Head – the ideal chemical storage container. With multiple manufacturing facilities located throughout the United States, we have the ability to provide easy distribution to small and large companies from one coast to the other.

At Priority Plastics, we know that the storage and delivery of chemicals to end-users requires strong, durable containers to get the products to them safely. The chemical storage containers we offer help companies in many industries ensure employee and client safety while expanding their brand recognition and efficiently producing the products their clients need. Across industries, we provide protective chemical storage containers for every need.


Safety First in transportation and storage

Project engineers who need the highest quality chemical storage containers that meet UN and US DOT regulations consistently turn to Priority Plastics for their high-density polyethylene (HDPE) container needs. As an industry leader in chemical storage products, Priority Plastics designs and delivers containers that meet and exceed our various clients’ specific needs.

Because transportation safety is a priority for Priority Plastics, we have on-site Department of Transportation (DOT) accredited labs to monitor and guarantee the performance of our tight heads. We deliver containers that provide secure, dependable storage and shipment of your chemical products. Our products are routinely put through a battery of quality control tests to maintain our commitment to providing the best containers on the market.

PriorityPour tight heads meet UN testing requirements for 4G, 1H1, and 3H1, as well as 49CFR hazmat regulations. When purchasing agents choose our products, the entire company has peace of mind knowing that our containers provide the ultimate safety in airtight, leak-proof chemical storage containers.

The Details Matter

Our PriorityPour Tight Head containers feature a narrow neck opening that makes them ideal for many applications. This design concept helps to minimize leakage during the shipping and handling of chemicals and aids in other important areas. It allows for fast, easy decanting, controlled filling access, and doesn’t leave much opportunity for “slopping” on the fill lines.

A growing group of industries have determined that our containers are ideally suited to fill their specific needs. In industries like agrochemicals, janitorial supplies, sanitation chemicals, hydroponics, building products, chemical manufacturers and cleaning solutions, PriorityPour tight heads are an affordable and reliable shipping and storage solution.

Additionally, these tight heads have received Safe Quality Food (SQF) certification and meet FDA regulations. They’re also ideal for food and beverage flavorings, concentrate and fragrances.


Stack and Store

When space is at a premium, as it often is in industrial settings, PriorityPour Tight Head containers help you to maximize all available space. With interlocking top and bottom designs, container stack securely – which is essential for safe chemical storage. When the time comes to move the containers, these products also offer integrated handles and swing handles that remain strong and durable, no matter how much handling is involved.

Our PriorityPour containers are available in a very wide variety of shapes and sizes, which you can use to make the most of your space while storing and shipping your products. The smooth surface of the containers allows you to promote your brand with some stunning custom-designed graphics. We also offer optional tamper-evident closure combinations as an additional safety precaution.

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