Temperance Distilling is a Michigan based manufacturing and product development company in the alcoholic beverage market sector. Headquartered in Temperance, Michigan this client specializes in beverage formulation, branding and package design as well as production, warehousing, shipping and compliance. They produce and manage a portfolio of liquor brands and “ready-to-drink” pre-mixed alcoholic beverages.

Specific Packaging Needs

Temperance was in need of a stock container for a new alcoholic beverage “frozen pop” product for a national brand launch, mainly in club and membership stores. Marketed as SLIM CHILLERS, our client needed a clear, round container that was recyclable and did not require capital investment for start-up production.

Our Relationship

Priority Plastics connected with Temperance in a traditional fashion – via our website and in-bound phone inquiries. After some initial analysis, we quickly determined that our stock mold 82-T round PET container would meet their size, sustainability and budget parameters. This container is produced and shipped from our Denver, Colorado facility.

Product Growth

After initial trial and early market entry for SLIM CHILLERS, it was evident that initial sales volumes would exceed expectations. Additional product container capacity would be needed to support the demand for SLIM CHILLERS – and, to meet the subsequent re-orders.

Priority Plastics quickly identified existing tooling to add additional capacity to support the needed product output. However, with the long term in mind, we built a multi-cavity tool to support the continued growth expected in the near future. At the same time, our customer expressed interest in having containers labeled prior to our out-bound transit. This labeling capability would simplify their supply chain – and, shorten the time in getting the product to retail shelves.

In response, Priority Plastics invested in a new P/S labeler to support the immediate needs of Temperance Distilling. Our customer further invested in Priority Plastics by committing to a long term agreement for supply – and, agreed to supporting next stage development of their business into new technology and new bottle sizes.

In late 2019, Priority Plastics and Temperance developed a smaller PET round container to support a retail size of alcoholic beverage “frozen pop” product. Like its larger counterpart, it was quickly determined that additional capacity and rapid support would be needed to meet the demand of the upcoming summer season.

Within three months, Priority Plastics supported and delivered on three new custom mold sets to support our client’s projected needs and their resulting demand to their supply chain; additional labeling capacity was delivered as well.

A Plan For The Future

Together Priority Plastics and Temperance Distilling identified new technology to support their business plans by utilizing injection stretch blow molding machines strategically placed in Portland, IN. This manufacturing plant, located about 150 miles from Temperance Michigan, provided needed capabilities – and, lessened the transit time and shipping cost to Temperance.  Read more about our PriorityOne relationships.

In summary, the journey of this vendor-client relationship has had very positive outcomes:

  • Improved outputs
  • Simplification of the supply chain
  • Reduction of container costs
  • Reduction of lead times
  • Lower freight costs
  • Smaller carbon footprint

In moving our relationship forward, both parties benefited with a reliable and scalable plan for efficient and effective future growth.

Products & Plans

Priority Plastics parts include:

ROUND 3 1/2 X 11 1/4 89MMTE 57OZ-8PK PET

Currently, Priority Plastics is using existing production machineryto support Temperance Distilling’s needs. IN 2021, we will utilize our new state-of-the-art ISBM capabilities in our Portland, IN plant to most efficiently service their needs.